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Imagination… What we can easily see is only a small percentage of what is possible


Total creative freedom to express ones self, that is the mission. Allowing the world to come together to stream their lives, bringing the best in class peer to peer broadcasting solutions, that becomes the largest video and photography network on the planet! That is a lofty goal, but that is why we are here we want to change the world! Streamlife, is a way of life.

Our Goal

I just want everyone to have a great time, enjoy each other, share life and help make this a better world. Wow, you mean it is that easy? Yeah, so grab your Maxshredz Air go ride brother ride and get that video online so we can also share the experience. I think that is all I have to say about that subject. Really. it is really that simple. .


Imagine. What you could do if you had total freedom to share your experience with the world. Well, soon you will have that freedom.

We are building the most advanced, peer to peer broadcasting solution on the planet. Are you ready?

We Think Global

Your source for video and photo sharing to any device worldwide

With the best in class peer to peer broadcasting, our StreamLife Cameras and Apps provide you the capability to share your life instantly around the world.


 StreamLife Premium services include StreamChat, StreamTalk, and a complete suit...


We offer a complete video delivery network solution that includes worldwide Stre...


StreamLifeApps provides a complete member app development program.  This include...


StreamLifeNetworks provides the tools to broadcast live on our large ecosystem dedicated towards action sports

You can broadcast onto your own channel on SurfWatch.TV, OceanWatch.TV, Skiwatch.TV, SnowboardWatch.TV, SkateboardWatch.TV, OutdoorWatch.TV, DronesWatch.TV, and SportsWatch.TV.


Share your life, with StreamLife Camera's and Apps.


Picture your self in a boat on a River, or Lucy in the Sky with Diamond's. Ohhhhh, it is all about capturing moments in your life, StreamLife.Photography. snap, share, and even sell your works online.