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Next Generation Television and Communications

We are creating  the future of how we communicate in an Interactive World!

NextGen ATSC 3.0 TV

ATSC 3.0   protocal is the next generation standard for television and is now available through  STREAMLIFE for both FCC regulated broadcasting over airways and over the electric grid, and over Non-FCC regulated streaming over IPTV to include  all ATSC 3.0 compliant Set Top Box’s, Dongles, FireSticks, Smart tv’s and Mobile Apps. 

STREAMLIFE LLC has the distribution rights for FCC registered 10,000 ATSC 3.0 broadasting channels at 4K and 8K, we also have distribution for our channel partners to include content, shopping services, telemedicine, and HIPPA and Socket Compliant Video Conferencing for Merchant Services, Legal, Medical and Education.  Our FCC registration includes broadcasting Television channels to potentially reach 200 million homes through out the USA to include all 50 States and US Territories .  Our broaedcasting centers  can reach an additional 210  countries from around the world

Medical, Education, and Shopping on Interactive TV Channels

Interactive TV has revolutionized the way we watch and engage with our favorite shows and movies. As technology continues to advance, interactive television is becoming increasingly sophisticated and with the advent of multisource content in windows we can now provide Medical, Education, and other professional services such as Attorney’s two way communications, video conferencing with 200 business ad ons such as Docusign for contract signing and getting paid right over the ATSC 3.0 Television Network.  

The rise ATSC protocal with internet-connected devices like smart TVs, gaming consoles, and streaming platforms has paved the way for innovative features and services like voice control, gesture recognition, and second-screen experiences for shopping, telemedicine, life couching, or taking a course from a University. These advancements enhance viewer engagement and provide opportunities for advertisers to reach their target audience in new ways.

FAST TV 10 second Ads

Free Ad-Supported TV (FAST) is a popular streaming format that offers viewers access to a wide range of linear scheduled programming, similar to traditional cable television. It stands out for being completely free, as it is supported by ads. So all the content people want, but no subscription fee.

FAST streaming has gained rapid popularity among viewers, thanks to its convenient and cost-effective streaming model. It provides a diverse selection of content, including original programming, iconic movies, news channels, and much more. With FAST, viewers can enjoy their favorite shows on their preferred streaming devices.

The growth of FAST has been remarkable, with major media companies venturing into this ad-supported streaming service. Giants like Warner Bros., Discovery, and Amazon Freevee, as well as established platforms like IMDb TV and Sling Freestream, offer viewers access to a variety of content libraries. FAST presents an appealing alternative for viewers looking to enjoy a diverse selection of content without a subscription fee.


GoLiveTV Video Streaming Platform 

Web TV & Live TV Channels Automation
Our Web TV and Live TV Channels automation feature will help you to stream like a professional. We provide an engaging platform that can help you to overcome manual work and experience the benefits of automation.

Other Key Features…
Drag & Drop File Uploader
Powerful Playlist Manager
Download videos from YouTube and Restream from YouTube Live
Generate RTMP Live Video Keys
Commercial Video
GeoIP, IP & Domain Locking
HTTPS Streaming (SSL Streaming Link)
Multi-Bitrate Streaming
Simulcasting to Social Media
Multicast to CDN for distribution
TV Linear Channel Scheduler
Chat System


With over 400 global nodes, our live streaming platform is optimized for performance, not cost. Our high performance network will stream videos to your viewers at the fastest possible speeds, resulting in reliable viewing.

Route your GoLiveTV Channels directly to StreamLifeCDN.  Create RTMP Stream links and Keys for field productions, with options for autorecord, or broadcasting your channel around the world.

For all Pro Accounts  we recommend using our CDN for broadcasting worldwide on StreamLife.Tube, StreamLife.TV.  You have full control over which content is featured in your StreamLife channel.

Satellite Direct Mobile


StreamLife GOLIVETV is the lowest cost entry point for getting started with Television Broadcasting 


Deliver 24/7 Live Television on GoLiveTV

GoLiveTV Television

A live streaming platform that allows 24/7, worldwide streaming, anytime. Unlike many other services, live broadcasts can run endlessly. Live streams are not limited in duration. GoLiveTV includes TV Broadcaster Schedular, VOD, and Uploader.  GoLiveTV includes live chat embed code for your LIVE TV and VOD channels.

GoLiveTV Radio

The GoLiveTV streaming platform allows Radio Stations to provide both video of the Show and live Radio MP3 streaming embed codes.  StreamLife RADIO and  will allow both video and live Audio Streaming will be available on all of the StreamLifeNetworks to include StreamLife Broadcast Television, StreamLife.TV subscriptions on Smart TV’s and Mobile Apps, and


With over 400 global nodes, our live streaming platform is optimized for performance, not cost. Our high performance network will stream videos to your viewers at the fastest possible speeds, resulting in reliable viewing. StreamLifeCDN has unlimited multicast capabilities to all of your social platforms, you can stream your GoLiveTV broadcast to the world. 

Prices For Products and Services




per month

  • Advanced Television and Video Platform
  • Schedule TV Shows and Broadcast Live
  • Adaptive Multi-Rate Streaming
  • Dynamic Playlist and Content Security
  • Live TV Schedule Custom Playlists
  • Live Chat, Subtitles and Captions
  • Insert Advertising for Live TV and VOD
  • Multicast to Social Platforms and CDN
  • StreamLifeCDN add-on required for live channels broadcasting on StreamLife.TV
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streamlife cdn



per month

  • All PRO features PLUS live broadcasting on StreamLife.TV
  • High performance global CDN network delivers your content worldwide
  • 24/7 Live streaming with Advertising
  • Dynamic Playlists and Content Security
  • MultiCast to all Social Platforms
  • Generate Multiple RTMP Stream Keys for multicamera live shoots
  • Scheduling LIVE TV requires the GoLiveTV platform
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per month

  • Includes both GoLiveTV and StreamLifeCDN
  • StreamLifeCloud Video Hosting
  • Prime Time Channels lined up at top positions on StreamLife.TV
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The StreamLife Team

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John W Rickey

CEO and President

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Vice President

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Director of Investor Relations

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Director of TV Programming

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David Miller

Director of TV Productions

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Steve Snow

Television Producer

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Carrie Brooks

TV Producer and Editor

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Producer Beyond Undisclosed

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